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Meet our Sneaker Bug family

Everyone is different. Express yourself. Choose yours!

Hand made in Italy. Exclusively for Baumondi. 

Stide in style

Sneaker Bug

Classic motives: floral, animal, rocky and some lifestyle. Express yourself and stride in style!

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Leather shoe that finally matches every Sneaker Bug perfectly. Designed by Baumondi. Made in Italy.

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Mini Scarf

In a discreet way, they can truly highlight every spring and summer outfit.

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Sneaker Bug

Stride in style

The sneaker bug is a shoe accessory that can be combined in many ways with countless styles. On the one hand, you can accentuate an elegant outfit and on the other hand, you can transform a casual sporty style with a touch of class. Both the Basic and Exclusive collections, underline your individuality without being obtrusive or dominant. In our shop, you will find a wide selection of sneaker bugs which will give your ordinary shoes more pep, more wit, more sexiness, more cheek and elegance, more self-confidence - simply more of YOU!

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