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Am I an anti-feminist if I adore high heels?

Am I an anti-feminist if I adore high heels?
Am I an anti-feminist if I adore high heels?

The whole debate about feminism sometimes makes me upset! I think it's wonderful to be a woman and not caring about most of the classic "male" issues. Let's look at the topic from the perspective of the shoe. I love to wear shoes with high heels, and I like to wear them every day! Not only during the weekends or at parties but I even like to wear them while shopping in the supermarket, driving a car or sitting at my desk. Wearing high heels always feels good for me – already for half my life!

I have never asked myself for whom I am doing this as I just do it for myself. My legs look nice and sexy when I wear high heels. I like the feeling of how my gait changes while my appearance and charisma are improving. I probably share this attitude with most women. But how is it perceived by other people? Many women continue with the prejudice of wearing high heels only to please men. Who created this nonsense? Women who wear high heels just to please men still follow the traditional cliche of dedicated gender roles and have a lack of self-determination. Women with high heels are quickly equated with an anti-feminist touch which is not only unfair but also a polemical nonsense.

 One of the goals of feminism is to motivate women to move from an outside determination to self-determination and live by the same rules and rights as men. For a man, it is without question to take himself seriously – as he is expecting from others. He doesn’t even think about justifying his choice of clothes. Why should he? Oh – but maybe sometimes he should” (smile).  In contrast, a woman from an early age had to learn that depending on her choice of clothes she quickly can become an “object”. Sexist structures like this are fueling the feminist approach and make it's stronger. I personally think it's great to get a nice and appropriate compliment from a man for a short summer dress and I like the admiring look coming with the compliment. Do I need it for my life? Do I become a better person? Definitely not. Does my attitude make me an anti-feminist? Not at all – it is just nice to get a compliment.

 Therefore, high heels should not be on the agenda of the ongoing feminist debate. We are women and we adore shoes - in particular, high heels as a classic female symbol. What counts in life is not what I wear on my feet, but what I am doing with my life and which path I am going: self-determined, confident and not externally controlled. This is feminism in its purest form. 


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Me- Beata, I wear high-heeled shoes and sneakers, I wear lipstick and have a pronounced biceps, I drink a whiskey sour and champagne, I drive a racing car and I also love to be carried on the strong hands of a handsome man. There is no room for a "buzzword" like feminism in my life. I just want to have fun with all the attributes of a woman.