BAUMONDI was founded by Beata Baumgartner in Munich, Germany. The brand is focused on fine jewelry with characteristic concepts and styles which allow the wearer to express themselves in a unique way. All BAUMONDI Jewelry is designed by a passionate team of inspired individuals and manufactured in Italy. The brands values are exceptional and long lasting quality of its products, as well as its relationship with customers.


Beata Baumgartner is the beating heart of BAUMONDI. Born in Poland, Beata moved to Germany the early 90s, after the fall of communism. She now lives in Munich with her family. Following her love for product design and development, she established her company, Baumondi. Passionate about travel, open-minded about her environment and constantly trying to break from the norm, Beata created her jewelry concept following a lucky encounter, where a red ladybug landed on her shoe while she was stretching for a run. Inspired by this moment, she created a brooch to decorate shoes under the name shoellery. Her designs represent a line of jewelry with meaning and purpose. Beata is passionate about developing new designs, transforming them into finished products and sharing them with the world. She leads a team of similarly passionate and inspired individuals which help her drive the company forward. Beata believes that the most important thing in life is to find your own path and walk down it confidently, staying on track even when things get difficult. This is the driving force behind the creation of “shoellery” and is summarized by the motto: “style your shoes and stride with confidence.”

”Style your shoes
and stride
with confidence.”