The most beautiful accessories for spring 2020
The most beautiful accessories for spring 2020

Art, craftsmanship, travel inspirations and comfort. We would bet this spring and summer on it! Our wardrobes will change like the world around us. We will look for accessories that primarily emphasize our personality, timeless and close to our beliefs and character. What we wear and what we choose to buy to give space in our life and wardrobe should reflect our beliefs. Being authentic is the most important thing, no matter in what area of life. This trend can be seen not only on the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses (Dior, Chanel, Stella McCartney or Prada), but also at your most popular chain stores.

Responsible, authentic and sustainable fashion is now on everyone's lips!


Unique handmade fashion wonders

Earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches made by artists with passion especially for you. This has long been one of the best ways to emphasize your individuality. You will receive an authentic unique piece and a work of art dedicated only to you. It is something special. I am convinced that personalization of fashion and jewelry is one of the absolute trends of the future next to the classics in vintage jewelry.


My favorites from last year.

What would I do to make the shoes from last season look like new? Be it the Converse, favorite sneakers, loafers or light suede boots? This spring and summer it's a brooch ... for shoes. Exactly! Jewelry for your shoes, you read it right.

Shoe jewelry which is also worn on jackets and trench coats by the most innovative amongst us and is a great option for autumn and winter for fans of retro style.

Precious brooches for shoes will reach the hearts of those of you who appreciate originality and courage for change.


spring trends baumondi shoes 

Belts at the waist and on shoes

Are you looking for cool simple and affordable solutions for a fashionable look this spring and summer? All you have to do is take your favorite thin belt out of the wardrobe and casually braid it through the belt loops of jeans or oversized shorts.

All colors allowed! Choose for the perfect fashion combination in 2020: knee- length Bermuda's or old cut-off jeans of your friend...
The challenge is fringed and not perfect!



Ideal if your belt 2020 is made of sustainabe dyed natural leather or if you find a fabric version with a large buckle in your wardrobe. The latter will be a hit this summer thanks to one of the most sought-after collections of the year from Bottega Veneta. The Bottega Venetta brand also initiated another trend of the season - thin Floos sandals. You probably already have one from last summer in your wardrobe ... Get it out again and don't forget to wrap it around the legs of a pair of wide trousers this year. In this edition of yourself, all you have to do is to wear a loose wide jacket and a simple tight T-shirt. This is the effect like on the streets of New York and Miami. My tip: look at photos of Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston from the 90s and get inspired.


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Patterned scarves and necklaces

A long time ago, Missoni initiated the love of beautiful scarves in us. In the coming season, you will also see the most beautiful scarves on the catwalks of Marc Jacobs and Givenchy as a duet with big retro glasses. How will we wear them?

Designers offer us many interesting possibilities. The first is the perfect solution for women who like classics and unpretentious style. In this edition we wear scarves around the neck or on the handle of your favorite bag.
A 'la Hermes.
The second idea is something for contemporary boho-chic fans. For this we use a tiny scarf that we nostalgically tie in your hair or put on your wrist. The larger ones can be worn as elegant turbans or headbands. Without a doubt, the beautifully decorated scarf is not a micro-trend that we will forget in a year or two. It is therefore worth investing in the most beautiful scarves. Noble silk, summer cashmere or a unique piece from a vintage boutique or grandma's wardrobe ...


spring trends

spring trends italy

Designers have not forgotten the travel lovers either: bold and feminine at the same time. And so, thanks to them, sports baseball caps and stylish flat caps from the 1920s have returned after a long absence. Sun protection or just like that?

You'll find the most interesting inspirations in Elisabetta Franchi, who stubbornly and courageously combines pastel-colored flat caps with thin dresses and shorts.

Style up your life! It's fun.

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