#stayathome with BAUMONDI
#stayathome with BAUMONDI

Delicious and healthy time sweetener


Home time is a great opportunity to prepare healthy and delicious drinks. Today we're going to unveil a recipe for our favorite breakfast smoothie and energizing coffee. Both are prepared quickly using simple ingredients, most of which are already in your kitchen.


Green and healthy breakfast smoothie


To prepare our refreshing smoothie filled with vitamins, you need five oranges, a handful of baby spinach, a handful of basil, a banana, a drop of lime juice and a small apple. After squeezing the orange juice, add a few drops of lime juice. Then mix the orange-lime juice with washed spinach, basil and the remaining ingredients listed above to a creamy consistency. Drink it with pleasure and consciously before you sit down in your home office for the next few hours. And when the sun is shining, you can also soak up some vitamin D by drinking the smoothie by the window, on the balcony or on your terrace.

Dalgona coffee. Darling of the year.


Dalgona is currently a real hit on Instagram and on our desks. You can make this delicious coffee yourself if you have instant coffee, milk, water (hot), and sugar in the kitchen. The first step is to mix three ingredients (preferably with a whisk): equal parts of coffee powder, sugar (xylitol is best) and water (two or three tablespoons). Beat until a creamy mass is created. Serve on cold or hot milk. Dalgona is high in calories, but the brain needs them to work well!

Shoes and jewelry for a stylish, comfortable home office


We were surprised to find that online sales records were broken in the first week of quarantine ... on high heels and handbags from fashion houses like Chanel or Louis Vuitton. It's also no secret that in addition to the necessities, we also order things online, simply to improve our mood. And so chiffon tops and elegant dresses go from a virtual shopping basket into our closets for the so-called return to normal. However, we have a much better and certainly more practical solution and advice for you. It's not worth going to extremes and working at home in pajamas or tracksuits. Of course, comfort is a priority, but believe us, it can also be tasteful. And so we have prepared comfortable alternatives for you that did not disappoint us in the home office and that will surely be both beautiful and practical for you.

Home Dress Code - fashionable and comfortable


On the one hand, when we work from a distance, we want to feel comfortable, on the other, we should look professional when we talk on Skype or Zoom.

In this case, it is worth using what you already have in your closet, i.e. a white t-shirt or white blouse and your favorite jeans. What you can still do is throw a classic jacket over your shoulder and Voila! An effective, professional and comfortable outfit is ready in no time.


In spring and summer, stylish, wide Bermuda shorts are a great alternative to tight jeans with a matching colorful top. Remember that the camera usually only captures the image down to the waist, so we can manage elegance and comfort perfectly. Therefore, use your home office setting to wear the wardrobe that you no longer use after returning to the office (a short crop top is the best example). It works great when you need to stay at home.

Stylish sneakers and jewelry on shoes


If you consider how much time we are currently spending at home, it is not worth waiting to wearing your new high heels or designer sneakers! It might even put you in a bad mood, not being able to wear them! Put them on, admire your style and enjoy the sight of them.

Do not forget that shoes can also be decorated. No matter if they are new or already worn! Take the beautiful shoe brooches #shoelery from Baumondi. Depending on your mood and daily needs, it can be a lion that gives you courage in online meetings or maybe the ladybug brings happiness into negotiations!

We will shortly be sharing other exciting topics with you:

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Take care of yourself!

Look forward to what's coming!

We look forward to you!


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