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Ladybug - the lucky charm and beginning of BAUMONDI


It was a beautiful spring day in 2015 and I was jogging. While I stopped to stretch a ladybug landed on my new white running shoes took a break from her flight. I just couldn't get this beautiful picture out of my head. The little red beetle decorated my shoe and embellished it with style and color, simply bringing me joy.

If only I could always wear it on my shoe as a lucky charm ...

This thought still captivated me long after I had completed my run. Full of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, I developed the "Sneaker Bug" and founded BAUMONDI in the same year. Despite their elegance and exclusivity, shoes remain everyday objects that wear out. But sneaker bugs are accessories that make even a used shoe shine again. They decorate discreetly and will outlive any shoe, thanks to the timeless design and high-quality materials.

With great attention to detail I gave free rein to my creativity and organizational energy. The result, a few years after the spontaneous encounter with the ladybug while jogging, was Baumondi Accessories. A real stroke of luck for me.

They say you should take your time in life and smell the roses instead of just rushing past them. My rose was a ladybug, a meeting that inspired me so much and eventually led to a top-quality product for sale - the Sneaker Bug. Many more styles followed, so that there was a suitable sneaker bug for every outfit, every occasion and every mood. All this is only a part of the big picture, because with Baumondi we also cherish the individual ideas of our customers, so that everyone can have their own unique sneaker bug - according to their personal wishes and dreams.

From Wroclaw / Poland to Baumondi

I was born in Breslau, Poland. In my twenties, after my studies at the Sports Academy and while still learning the German language, I moved to Germany . By meeting wonderful people, being employed at a private clinic and some language training, I constantly built up my career and attended the most important educational institution - the school of life in a foreign country. Ambition, discipline and a certain amount of luck have made me a successful entrepreneur over the years. But professional success without private happiness is a life without balance. Therefor, I am infinitely grateful to the gods of fate that my life has been transformed over the past twenty years by a fantastic family.

Ethical principles and philosophy of Baumondi

From the beginning, it was important to me that the manufacturing and distribution of Baumondi accessories should take into account both the well-being of the environment and the hard-working builders. That is why the sneaker bugs are manufactured in Italy, where there is little distance from the company headquarters in Germany and the corresponding distribution channels. Our Mini Scarves, on the other hand, are produced in India. This is because I have a family in the beautiful country and because it enables me as a local entrepreneur to work together with NGOs, enabling me to help the people directly. We mainly work together with the Cuddles Foundation, an organization that provides children with cancer with high quality, healthy food.

The Sneaker Bugs and the Mini Scarves are designed to be worn with a clear conscience. This is why I personally assure the high quality of the accessories, ensure fair working conditions, and do everything in my power to make sure all Baumondi products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.


Much joy with Baumondi

Yours sincerely

Beata Baumgartner