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Sneaker Bug

Basic Collection

Classic motives: floral, animal, rocky and some lifestyle. Our Basic Collection comes in silver plated and matt black.
The sneaker bugs from the Basic Collection are classics and favorites among the shoe accessories. Excellent workmanship and solid materials meet timeless design, Made in Italy.

Subtle and present at the same time. These classic models in silver or black can be combined as desired with plain and somewhat more striking shoes. They feature our practical, simple and quick fastening mechanism. With a two-hook system they are simply slid through the laces without having to untie the shoe.

Durable and hard-wearing made of a high grade metal alloy, they lie stable and safe on the shoe. The perfect combination of design, comfort and sustainability.

Premium Collection

Precious, colorful, golden and refined with Swarovski – our Premium Collection. In the Premium Collection all design features of the sneaker bugs from the Basic Collection can be found again, but in golden and colored finishes.

The colored enamel is added by hand as a final step, meaning that almost every sneaker bug is unique.

Noble, noticeable and special. Like all our sneaker bugs, these are made in Italy. Manufactured with great attention to detail, timeless experience and great craftsmanship. Regardless of the filigree finish, we have give great importance to longevity and durability in this material mix. After all, it’s very important to us that you can enjoy the special shoe accessories of our Sneaker Bug Premium Collection for a very long time.

Exclusive Collection

In addition, we also offer special models, both from form and in final processing. The frog, the bee and the ladybug are the new specialties in this collection and have a particularly elaborate surface design with special coatings and large high-quality Swarovski stones.

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